Todd Gamblin ’02 complains that getting a copy of your transcript distributed is a bother.

I guess this depends on the school, but at Williams you have to fax in a signed form saying you release your grades to some institution. There has to be a better, faster way to do this. I mean, schools could scan in your transcript and make it available on a secure page in PDF format. I know I submitted a preliminary version like that to the NSF last year. I figure someone could make at least a little bit of money by starting, and relieving me of all this extra crap I have to do to get my information sent out places.

His point is well-taken, but for me the more interesting question concerns what is public and what is private about our time at Williams. I can’t, I guess, call up the registrar and get a copy of Todd’s transcript without his permission. But I think that I can call up and determine, without his permission, whether or not he did in fact graduate in 2002. I wonder, also, what other information — like major(s) and/or latin honors — is “public” in this sense.

To the extent that graduation data is public, then the College ought to make it very public. It should provide a web page, for each year, of every graduate and her major(s).

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