Interesting article in the Williams Record about early decision results:

A few interesting things to note:

1. 26 students admitted from the lowest socioeconomic band, more than double the usual early decision figure. That is certainly an outstanding development. The Questbridge program discussed in the article looks like a fantastic way to increase true diversity on campus. Given that one in ten ED admissions came through the Questbridge program, the program has certainly had a substantial impact, most likely for the better, on the admissions process.

2. 45 (!) out of 66 athletic tips admitted early. The good news is, with an average SAT at 1417, the bulk of the 20 percent of the ED class who are athletic tips can’t have SAT’s much below the 1300 range. Either that, or nearly every non-tip had really amazing numbers. I’d imagine that with only a few tips left to admit, the regular decision class might have feature even stronger numerical credentials.

3. 14 international ED admittees as opposed to 6 in past years. Again, I view this as a positive development. When you’re talking about increasing true diversity of viewpoints and experience on campus, I’d say increasing the number of students growing up in foreign cultures, and, perhaps even more-so, the percentage of students from poor families, has a far greater impact than increasing the number of American minorities from the upper-most socioeconomic bands.

All in all, sounds like a very strong, diverse, and balanced ED class.

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