Emily Thorson ’02 has some advice for the Alumni Office.

Yesterday I got the dumbest fundraising letter I’ve ever received from my school. The first paragraph reads “I know what you’re thinking: that there are better causes to give to than Williams and Williams doesn’t really need my money.” Then, it goes on to tell me that “These things are all true. But, you should give in spite of this, because…[bizarre justification about how awesome your education was].”

Look, I work for EchoDitto and am a Dean for America alum, so obviously I’ve been drinking the empowerment kool-aid, but this is too much even for me. You just don’t tell potential donors that their money isn’t needed, and you certainly don’t remind them there are more worthy causes out there (especially a month after a natural disaster).

Bizarre justifications are a regular theme, here at EphBlog, so we might be tempted to cut Steve Birrell ’64 some slack. I also suspect that this letter did not come from Williams, per se, but from the agents in Emily’s class. In any event, her advice makes sense to me.

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