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A new game (Photo ID #1)

My high school’s alumni magazine has a rather popular game that I thought I would introduce here. Here is how it works: I put up a picture taken somewhere on campus. You tell (a) Where it was taken or what it is of, and (b) stories about it from your time at Williams. Part (b) is optional, but it is what makes this game fun. The first picture is this one:


So you your job is:
(a) What is the location depicted here?
(a.i) Where was this picture taken from?
(b) What are your memories of this location?

By the way, I took this picture yesterday morning, after we got about 9 inches of snow. It wasn’t the 18″ the weather people had promised, but it was still quite a lot of snow.

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#1 Comment By Eric Smith ’99 On January 24, 2005 @ 7:50 am

Not sure if they still do it or not – but they used to do this sort of thing in the Record – although usually a closer shot of something.
The winner of the contest (I guess it was a contest) would get a free coffee I think.
The photographer was frequently Greg Whitmore.

As for that photo, it looks like it is one of the top floors of Greylock (either Gladden or Carter – leaning towards the latter), looking out over Route 7/North St.
In the right corner is something that wasn’t there when I was there, so I assume it is the parking garage that I have heard about being put up for the theater.

I have run that road many times on the way to other places.

#2 Comment By Geoffrey Hutchison ’99 On January 24, 2005 @ 2:53 pm

I echo Eric’s comments about the Whitmore photos from the Record–they were usually close-up shots of some random gargoyle or pattern on a building. Some were really quite difficult. I believe the prize was a small gift certificate to the Baxter snack bar — but I think it was more like $10, so you might be able to spring for a grilled cheese to go with your coffee.

Eric, it’s definitely the corner of the parking garage–I used it during the reunion last summer.

#3 Comment By Diana On January 24, 2005 @ 3:06 pm

Eric is right: It’s taken from the top floor of Carter, towards the road that leads to all sorts of nice running locations, including (one way to get to) Hopkins Forest.

Geoffrey is also right that the corner of the brick thing on the right is the new parking garage. Did you like that little clue there? Like they do on puzzle pieces. Anyway.

I cannot give you coffee or a cheese sandwich, but you do have the immortality of being correct on EphBlog and having a record of such in the Archives forevermore.

#4 Comment By David On January 24, 2005 @ 9:03 pm

Is it too late to play? I remember:

  1. My junior year roommates, Blake Robison ’88 and Mark Solan ’88, walking down that hillside with moving materials as my mother trailed them and tried to convince them to “talk me out of” spending the following summer in the Marine Corps.
  2. Loading up my decrepit (but cool!) Mustang convertable on an unseasonably cold Monday after graduation with the last of my belongings and reciting “Cool winds I hear. Of change I fear. And shiver from the cold.”
  3. Spending a lot of time on that floor, although not in that room, as my suitemates tried (unsuccessfully) to impress fellow EphBlogger Jane Penner ’90 with how cool they were. Unluckily for them, Jane was way out of there league, but they deserved points for trying.

I also have little doubt that Kim Jordan Daboo ’88, founding partner in the EphBlog enterprise, used that suite or one near it to plot my permanent exile from elective office. But that is a tale for another day . . .

#5 Comment By Kim Daboo ’88 On January 25, 2005 @ 3:43 pm

Sorry Dave. My suite was on the second floor, with a lovely view of Hopkins. I’d love to humor you and say there was lots of plotting to oust you from the seat of Carter’s representative to College Council. Alas, there wasn’t much. We had parties to plan, resumes to send, rejection letters to wallpaper with, etc.

#6 Comment By Andy Burr On January 28, 2005 @ 3:14 pm

Here’s a very late comment on that photo. When I was a sophomore an old Victorian house stood on the site from where that pic is taken. The College had bought it and it was about to be torn down to make way for the new Greylock dorms. Behind the house was a gazebo, and a group of us from Saints asked if we could have it if we moved it ourselves. “Sure”, was the answer, so a mob of us, led by Dave Rutherford, went over there, picked the thing up, and walked it over to the Saints House. It was November 22, 1963. As we were dispersing, someone came up to us and said “The President’s been shot.”