Although there is no evidence that anyone is listening [or should listen — ed. Thanks!] to my advice (pro or con) on the politics of cluster housing proposal, I can’t help but to keep giving it. Only read on if you really want to know the only plausible plan, in my view, for stopping the proposal.

Delay, delay, delay. That should be the single, only focus of the Anchors Away (AA) folks. Every posting, every web page, every conversation should be geared toward making the case that a change of this magnitude — specifically, the removal of the right of students to pick anywhere on campus — requires thorough study. More data, more analysis, more time is needed. You are not against cluster housing, per se, you are against rushed decisions. You are Students for Due Diligence, or whatever.

Why is this the only plausible plan? First, the more that I research this, the more that I think that the train has left the station. CUL is flexible about whether or not Gladden and Carter are in the same cluster. CUL is not flexible, as far as I know, about ending campus-wide choice. More importantly, CUL has gotten buy-in from everyone who matters on this. The deal is done. Your only hope is for a 6 month delay for further study. Even for that, the odds are against you.

Second, I think that delay might be enough to win the battle. If you can get the delay, you can turn the next set of CC elections into a referendum about housing policy. If student opinion is as much on your side as you think it is (I don’t know one way or the other), all pro-campus-wide-choice candidates will win. CC will make it its mission to stop the proposal. You should be able to ensure that all students appointed to the CUL are in favor of maintaining campus wide choice. At that point, it becomes very difficult for CUL to make the change.

After that, a few years go by, the students who know about this debate disappear, and the whole cycle starts again.

Anyway, I’ll have more kibitzing on how to fight for that delay in due course, but for now, I am waiting to see how much student opinion is behind you. EphBlog readers would be eager to know what happened at the forum tonight . . .

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