Stop the presses! Daniel Rosensweig ’08 has provided the perfect compromise proposal for the anchor housing debate.

I think a one cluster system has a lot of potential. We could just have one cluster for all the dorms on the Williams campus, perhaps another for Amherst, or Middlebury. You could choose into any house within your cluster for the next 4 years, and you wouldn’t be able to pick into houses outside your cluster. There would be an escape hatch option, contingent on keeping up your class grades and in fact providing an extra incentive for your grades, in which you could write a “transfer application” to another cluster.

Because you would have to live only with people in your cluster for the next 4 years (barring the one-time use escape hatch), there would be an added incentive to get to know those people, even if they’re not in your usual social circles. The Williams cluster would be an exact cosm of the entire student body, and therefore maintaining all the diversity admissions can give us. Yet it retains all the aspects we value about the free agent system, and allows the odd quad and other campus subcultures to perpetuate their existences without impediment. I think one cluster is the way to go, and we should work on implementing this compromise with the CUL.

Genius, I say. Genius.

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