The Record noted 5 years ago that

[Dean of the Faculty Thomas] Kohut said he will work “to make being a member of the faculty at Williams College a rewarding experience.”

He added that the public intellectual life of the college concerns him, and could be improved by encouraging faculty to expose their students and the wider community to their research and scholarship.

“Although we talk a lot about interdisciplinary at Williams, more interdisciplinary teaching and even research could go on here,” he said.

I couldn’t agree more. Although the concept of a blog was barely around five years ago, Kohut’s vision might be well served through blogging. There are surely many, many faculty members at Williams as thoughtful and engaging as Tim Burke at Swarthmore. Division III professors could look to Andrew Gelman at Columbia for inspiration. I know that the Williams Economics Department would have as many interested observations about life and the dismal science as the folks at Marginal Revolution. Perhaps Kohut himself might get things started by starting a blog which provided weekly commentary on some of the interesting faculty work that is happening on campus.

The more that the scholarly life at Williams occurs in public, accessible to all, the better for everyone concerned.

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