Fellow EphBlogger Mike Needham ’04 has an op-ed in the Washington Times about l’affair Churchill and some Williams history.

Where was this full and unconditional support a few years ago at a peer liberal arts college of Hamilton’s? At my alma mater, Williams College in Williamstown, Mass., liberals were tripping over themselves to condemn the Record, the student newspaper, for running a controversial paid advertisement.

The controversy erupted over the suggestion that anti-Semitism — or “Arab and Islamic Jew-hatred,” as author David Horowitz called it in his ad — was the root cause of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Regardless of your opinions, Mr. Horowitz’s view has more validity than Mr. Churchill’s claim the defenseless and innocent September 11 victims were “little Eichmanns.” Not so in the twisted world of American higher education.

Almost immediately, five professors and the college chaplain and associate chaplain condemned Mr. Horowitz’ paid expression: “Hate speech and inflammatory rhetoric poison the public sphere, and subtly censor victims by frightening them from participating in the arena of public discourse. At a liberal arts college, we can and should hope for better.”

One doesn’t find the same concern today that Mr. Churchill’s language might “subtly censor” or “frighten” those who disagree with his characterization of Americans from “participating in the arena of public discourse.”

See here for a selection of Record articles and letters on the controversy. I could not find a copy of Horowitz’s add. Is one available somewhere? Note especially the letter that Mike refers to. Would Lynch et al object if the Record were to publish some of Churchill’s writings?

Someone should ask them.

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