Kudos to the Record for concluding that cluster housing should not be implemented this year.

The co-op draw for the Class of 2006 is now behind us, and it hardly seems fair to have asked students to make important decisions about the co-op draw without knowing what the regular room draw would entail. We remain convinced that the CUL’s proposal will be a good one for Williams, but we hope that the CUL will resist heeding a pressure that need not exist to implement cluster housing before the proposal has matured.

Surely all Ephs of goodwill can conclude that the most important change at Williams in the last decade deserves more than a few weeks of discussion after CUL submits its proposal.

I hope, however, that the Record is wrong to claim that “CUL chairman Will Dudley has stated his desire to avoid going through another year of anchor housing debate next year.” There is no way that the Will Dudley that I knew 20 years ago would say that. Debate is a good thing! Thinking hard about difficult issues is a feature, not a bug, of the disagreement over what Williams should be.

Williams would be a better college if there were a debate of this magnitude every year. Alas, that is tough to arrange, but there is still no reason to cut this one short.

UPDATE: An occasional reader claims that I presented the Record‘s editorial inaccurately. Well, the wonder of the web is that you can read for yourself and decide. Like any good blogger, I provided a link and direct quote. The focus of the editorial is certainly mainly on other topics, but, as I read it, the Record does not think that anchor housing should be implemented in 6 weeks. I agree.

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