There is so much good material on the WSO blogs that it is hard to know where to begin, but I especially liked this thread.

Hale Simon ’05 writes:

Noah, the problem here isn’t that Grades got published. it’s the fact that a plan, which is supposed to be in it’s final form in 10 days or so is still RADICALLY changing. It’s awefully hard for supporters of this concept to get going when every 2 or 3 days they’re supporting a completely different plan. This is why students feel like the plan is being rushed. Look, those of us who are against this reaize that there is alot of pressure from the administration to get this proposal to them so they can rubber stamp it and say they actually solicited student opinion before making a decision, but seriously, If you guys don’t have a plan, STOP PRESENTING PLANS TIL YOU HAVE ONE. it’s not a hard concept.

My take is somewhat different. I think that Noah and the CUL are to be congratulated for being so open in their decision-making and so eager to take account of student input. I just think that they should announce right now that anchor housing will not be implemented this year. Doing so would allow for a much better organized process. CUL could get together and say (together!), “He is Draft One of our plan. Please give us feedback.” Then people like Hale could read the plan and provide feedback. The CUL could have a meeting, revise the plan and then say (together!), “Thanks for the feedback! Here is Draft II of the plan. Please give us more feedback.” And so on.

That is the way that good policy is made.

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