I have written my fair share of criticisms of the CUL over the last few weeks. I do not think that they have made any sort of case that the worthy goals they seek will be accomplished by cluster housing.

But, credit must be given where it is due. The CUL’s new website is wonderful! It gets the basics right (list of members, feedback form) but does an even better job of being scholarly in its social engineering. Note the listing of its annual reports, including (all?) the raw material from the 2003 survey. This is great stuff. I commend the CUL for being so transparent in its operations.

I believe that other material, especially the details behind the famous 13% statistic, will be forthcoming.

At the end of the day, I may still disagree with the answer the CUL comes up with, but I am running out of reasons to fault their process. I look forward to reading their proposal. I hope that they will be as thorough and comprehensive as the authors of the Report on Varsity Athletics. Of course, that report is not immune to criticism, but it still provides a pitch-perfect example of how to make a case for policy change in an academic community.

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