Alas, the debates are happening so fast on the WSO blogs that some of my questions haven’t gotten answers. So, I’ll ask them again here.

Noah writes:

As it stands, self-segregation and marginalized minority issues seem to surface with significantly more frequency at colleges with systems similar to ours.

I do not believe this is true. What evidence do you have of it? It is, perhaps, fine for CUL to keep secret all of its mystical information about other colleges. It is not fine for CUL to keep the data secret and also repeatedly site these secrets as reasons for believing that anchor housing will work.

In fact, I do not know of any college with a system like Williams. At what other College do 70%+ of the sophomores and juniors live together by class with largely dedicated dining halls? What other colleges have free agency? At what other college is there an institution like the Odd Quad?

The more that I have read about other systems, the more unique the Williams system seems to be.

But regardless of how unique Williams is, I would like to see evidence for the claim that these problems are larger at schools without cluster-like housing arrangements.

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