There are always complaints at the social life at every college. But, as Winter Carnival kicks off, I was amazed to read about the ACE events for this week-end:

*10pm-2am: Ski Lodge Party: After the fireworks head on up to Dodd for
a true Ski Lodge experience. Enjoy some upscale mixed beverages with
your friends or have some hot chocolate and cookies and cuddle up on
the couch.

*12am-3am: Late Night Skiing: Skiing in the dark after lots of upscale
beverages probably wasn’t the safest idea… it’s cold! So forget
your skis and head on over to Mission Park to dance under the stars in
Armstrong basement.

*10pm-2am: Black Tie Party: If you like live music, classy upscale beverages and dessert, this party is for you. A live band will be rockin out in the Greylock Dining hall from 10-2, so get all dressed up (formal attire strictly required) and don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes!

*10pm-2am: Ski Team Party: Come over to Wood and let the Ski Team show you how it’s done. Complete with DJ, traditional beverages and, of course, good times, you’re not going to want to miss this one.

*12am-3am: Black Light Party: From black tie to black light, finish off your weekend of partying with a little late night action in Spencer…because we know you’re not ready to go home yet.

The first time I read this, I thought that it was satire. They have black tie events now? They have Spencer parties that start at midnight?

This was not what life was like back in the 80’s. Now, obviously, I have no idea if these parties are any good. I have no idea if anyone actually goes. But I think that you have to give ACE credit for trying.

Biggest shock, of course, is the reference to a party in the Armstrong “basement”. Surely, “rec-room” is the traditional term.

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