Kevin Gilmartin ’94 will be the new football coach at Nipmuc High School in Massachusetts.

When Nipmuc Regional athletic director Jim Grant was interviewing Kevin Gilmartin for the school’s head football coaching position, things didn’t start smoothly.

Strike one, according to Grant, was when Gilmartin noticed a picture of Grant’s sons Michael and Kevin.

“They had their Amherst baseball uniforms on, and that’s when he told me he went to Williams,” joked Grant.

But things worked out in the end. Note also that:

In the college ranks, Gilmartin was often on the road recruiting, which made it challenging to spend time with his wife Kelly and the couple’s 10-month-old daughter, Lainey.

Kelly (Faucher) Gilmartin is also class of 1994. Kudos to Kevin for recognizing that time spent with wife and daughter is much more important than time spent on business travel. Thanks to Diana Davis’s ’07 handy math trick, we know that Lainey (born in the spring of 2004) will be class of 2025, unless she skips a grade so that she can be on her parent’s reunion cycle.

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