It’s been more than 20 years since I wrote a Record news story, but I seem to remember something about “Who, What, When . . .” That lesson comes to mind in reading this Record article about an academic advising fair.

Seniors representing every academic department filled Goodrich Hall the evening of Feb. 7, eager to advertise their major or concentration and answer questions from inquiring first-years and sophomores.

How many students showed up to be advised? Why doesn’t the Record tell us this? Dean Roseman has a variety of sensible things to say later in the article, and we all know that the quality and quantity of academic advising is a perennial concern. But, as a Record reader, I want to know if dozens or hundreds of students showed up to be advised. If only dozens did, then I would safely conclude that, whatever problems there might be in academic advising, there isn’t that much to worry about.

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