Stories like this one are unlikely to appear here or here anytime soon. (Nor, of course, should they.)

The 25-year-old victim stood before Judge Rayford Means and begged that former University of Pennsylvania professor Tracy McIntosh, a Fulbright scholar, renowned researcher and best friend of her uncle, be sent to jail.

“By raping me, he took something from me that I will never get back,” sobbed the woman, whose name is being withheld by the Daily News. “It will affect me for the rest of my life, and I don’t want this to happen to other women.”

McIntosh, 52, of Media, could have received a maximum of 11 years in prison. But Means said he factored in McIntosh’s important work with stroke victims and brain injuries, and sentenced McIntosh to a year of house arrest and 12 years’ probation.

McIntosh had pleaded no contest in December to sexual assault and possession of a controlled substance.

A sad, sordid tale. McIntosh lived in Williams E and has served as vice president of his class post graduation. Presumably his sentence of house detention(!?) will prevent him from attending his 30th reunion this June.

The victim was referred to McIntosh by her uncle, McIntosh’s roommate at Williams College. Both men graduated in 1975 and considered each other best friends.

“We now know he is a sexual predator who cannot be cured,” the uncle said.

After the hearing, the father of the victim said, “This is a dangerous man… who really needs to be taken out of society and kept a close watch on.”

Call me a cynic but I would wager that McIntosh had demonstrated untoward behavior back in the day as well.

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