The writing on the WSO blogs is often brillant.

As for the CUL, not liking them is like being against fireworks: it’s tough. Plus Prof. Dew is on it, and he’s the best professor I’ve had so far here.

I think the fact that I totally called out Dudley in the paper and he wrote me a relatively nice e-mail back really needs to be addressed. I went on to call this whole thing a screwjob and was incredibly sarcastic in response to him, and he really just kinda took it and calmly responded. I’ve developed some kind of creepy respect for him, which as you can imagine is conflicting. I still dislike this idea, but man these guys are something. Noah has been called a toadie at one point and I told him to get a life, but he’s just not mad at all. Amazing. They’re like the Gandhi of mediocre ideas.

As we say in my house when something truly memorable is uttered: “Quote board!” There’s no Aidan like the old Aidan, but Adam Pinto has talent.

Here at EphBlog, we can only aspire to the sort of “creepy respect” that Will Dudley so effortlessly engenders.

Note that both Dew ’58 and Dudley ’89 are alums. The more alumni professors that Williams has, the better off it will be.

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