Kudos to the Trustees for providing some much needed financial discipline for Williams. The Record notes, in passing, that:

“I think [Bazuin] is going to need a little more help,” Roseman said. She added that the campus-wide policy prohibiting the hiring of additional full-time employees, a requirement of the Board of Trustees, makes the expansion of Bazuin’s office difficult.

Who knew that there was a hiring freeze at Williams? Not me. This is great stuff, not because the there aren’t lots of wonderful people for Williams to hire, nor because they wouldn’t do all sorts of marvelous things for the students. The issue is that a line needs to be drawn somewhere. In 2002, the College had around 1,993 employees while, 5 years earlier, the number was 1,874. An increase of 100 odd is nothing to be worried about, but I have no doubt that the number of employees was much smaller 20 years ago.

Surely one employee per student is enough to get the job done.

The Trustees are right and clever to use a hiring freeze to force the administration to prioritize among all its many worthy goals. I wonder when it was implemented and whose idea it was . . .

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