How comparable are the proposed clusters in terms of housing quality. The CUL claims that the five clusters are “reasonably equitable in terms of the physical quality of their housing stock.”

Is that true?

Not being on campus, I don’t know. But I would have guessed that the Tyler and Currier clusters would be the worst. (The CUL does note that Tyler needs some fixing up.) It would be pretty easy to look at last year’s room draw data and see how many seniors, for example, picked into each cluster. This wouldn’t be determinative (some seniors probably picked less good rooms in the Berkshire Quad because they wanted to live in that community), but it would be useful.

The CUL, seemingly not interested in data or evidence of any kind, tells us nothing on this score. Is that because the data wouldn’t say anything useful?

Surely everyone would agree that all the data (including not just class but pick number as well) should be retained and made public from this spring’s room draw.

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