A-list bloggers always mention when they are going to be on TV. Eph-list bloggers, like me, mention when they’ll be at OCC. I’ll be at OCC this Friday at 4:00 PM. (I am in town for the alumni squash tournament.)

The stated topic of my presentation is “Military Service after Williams.” I picked the topic, in consultation with Assistant Director Dawn Dellea, as something that might be of interest to a handful of students and that didn’t replicate other OCC talks. If even one or two students show up, I’ll be pleased.

What will I say? Well, mostly I’ll just answer questions about the military. Outside of chasing around my then-girlfriend-now-wife, joining the Marine Corps was easily the best decision I made at Williams. To the extent that I offer any advice, it would be to current students who are curious about the military, patriotic and physically serious. The advice? Sign up for Marine Corps Officer Candidate School. Spend 6 or 10 weeks over the summer at, essentially, officer boot camp. Think of it as Outward Bound for tough guys. You’ll certainly learn much more about leadership than you would by taking all the leadership classes at Williams.

But the best part of the deal is that there is no obligation! (This is how they got me.) If, after the summer, you decide the Marines are not for you, then go back to Williams, graduate and go be an investment banker. The Marines only want you if you want them. Only a percentage (half?) of the candidates who make it through the summer actually sign up for a 3 year tour post graduation. But it is still a great deal for the Marine Corps because its gets these officers cheaply, without the cost of a military academy education or ROTC.

Alas, the type of student most interested in such a pitch — male athlete — is likely to be otherwise occupied on Friday at 4:00. So, in all likelihood, it will just be me and Dawn shooting the breeze. In that case, I would be more than happy to answer any sorts of questions that people might have. Some of the most interesting lost continents in the world according to Dave include:

  1. How to think about the Ph.D decision.
  2. What consultants do.
  3. The importance of falling in love at Williams.
  4. Why half the students that go directly from Williams to law school are making a mistake.

And, if none of that is of interest, I’ll just spend the hour reciting poetry.

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