The Transcript has a useful article on the recent hacker attack against WSO.

Evan Miller, a junior at Williams, said it appears the incident is one of a rash of similar hackings done by a group in Brazil. In other cases reported on the Internet, the hackers exploited the same software vulnerability to enter other Web sites, and left behind similar messages in Portuguese.

Damn Brazilians. I don’t mean to use this as an occasion to re-open our WSO-thread, but I would like to extend my personal thanks to Miller and all the WSO folks, both current and alumni. They have made it much easier for someone like me to stay in touch with events on campus.

Also, to make a point that failed to come up in that thread, I would recommend that WSO folks consider devoting more time to back-ups, security, reliability and the like. Why? Not so much that because their user-base wants it (although that’s true), but because the experience that doing so provides them will serve them well in their future careers, both in terms of getting jobs (employers at start ups are very interested in people with serious exposure to these sorts of knitty-gritty issues) and doing those jobs well (WSO folks don’t generally become professional sys-admins, but they often need to hire and supervise them).

Just a thought.

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