The College Council election ended Saturday at midnight, but, alas, I don’t see the results posted anywhere. Perhaps an on-campus source could enlighten us.

I am especially interested to know how the Anchors Away slate of Hirshman/Santhanam did. They were running against one other team, Bal/Howard, who were exceptionally strong with long experience on CC and a wide network of friends and supporters. The reason, sources say, why there were no other candidacies from CC types is that Bal/Howard was that they were widely viewed as “unbeatable.”

Who are Hirshman/Santhanam? A couple of Odd Quad juniors with no particular interest in College Council and not a lot of native talent for campaigning. One student thought that their posters were very “sad” in comparison to the large, multi-colored professionalism of Bal/Howard. Hirshman/Santhanam have clearly put their hearts into the race, sacrificing sleeps for votes, but in any other year, they would be crushed.

But this year is different. This year anchor housing is a live issue, and Hirshman/Santhanam have centered their campaign around opposing it. Bal/Howard are also against anchor housing, at least sort of, but they consider it just one issue among many.

If I were a PR flack, I would try to spin this by setting expectations for Hirshman/Santhanam low. In any other year, they would be lucky to get 20%. So, any votes in excessive of this, even if not enough to win, are clearly votes driven by opposition to anchor housing.

But the most important results concern student opinion on anchor housing itself. Since the Record’s methodology seemed sound, I expect the results here to mirror those found in its poll. More than 60% of the students will be against, and more than twice as many will be strongly against as strongly in favor. Results significantly different from this would be a surpise.

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