It does not appear that the results of the anchor housing portion of the recent election are available to non-students. Fortunately, EphBlog’s vast network of informants have provided the key data.

Do you support the “Williams House Proposal” in its current form, as outlined above?

Yes: 17%
No: 57%
Neutral: 12%
Undecided: 13%

Perhaps a better way to spin it, if you are a fan of free agency, is that fewer than 20% of the students are in favor of the CUL’s plan.

Daniel Rosensweig provides additional commentary.

[M]ore than 80% of students surveyed said they were either satisfied or somewhat satisfied with the current housing system, compared to less than 20% dissatisfied or even somewhat dissatisfied. Nearly 7 times as many students said they were “satisfied” as “dissatisfied.”

I bet that these numbers are much better than at any of our peer schools. In particular, the CUL presented zero evidence that students at Bowdoin or Middlebury — Will Dudley’s favorite examples of the direction in which Williams is heaed — are happier.

Such data is available of course. The people who run Middlebury and Bowdoin are keen to understand their students. Readers should draw their own conclusions as to why CUL failed to provide the relevant data in its report.

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