Eph Planet, our complilation of all blogs by Ephs that we know of, is clearly one of the best features of this site. Thanks, as always, to the technical genius of Eric Smith ’99 for setting it up. But, although we have 20 blogs in the feed, there must be many more Eph blogs out there for us to include.

Please help us find them. If you know of any blog by an Eph, please provide a link in the comments. It is also nice if you can tell us the author’s name and class year. Here is one that I stumbled across today. Alas, I am not sure who “Neil” is (and he gets the link to EphBlog wrong), but we want to include him and every Eph, like him or not.

In any event, we are always looking for more good reading material to while away the day. We also want to bring Eph writing to a wider audience. Help us out.

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