Fans of bureaucracy will appreciate this tidbit on the Office of Campus Life. The Record reports that

The other sizeable difference to this year’s room draw will take place behind the scenes. The responsibility for collecting student forms and administering the draw has shifted from Buildings & Grounds to the Office of Campus Life.

Bazuin declined to detail how his department plans to handle the additional workload.

Responsibilities first, resources later. Bazuin (who I like and who is clearly a smart guy) is wise enough in the ways of the world to know that, the more instrumental his office is in student life, the better off he (and future directors of campus life) will be. Once he is in charge of room draw, he can figure out how to gather the resources to keep running it. Expect to see more along these lines. For example, who is “in charge” of intramural sports leagues at Williams? If it isn’t Bazuin now, it probably will (and should) be.

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