Loved this parody, courtesy of the Garfield Repblican Club.

The fourth lecture in Williams College’s 94th annual Faculty Lecture series will feature a slide talk by Associate Professor of Art and Chair of the department Michael Glier on “Discussing Cubism with Lynne Cheney.” The lecture is scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 24, at 4:15 p.m. in Brooks-Rogers Recital Hall.

The talk will feature Glier’s work over the past five years, and “since meaning in art is wonderfully mutable,” said Glier, “I will discuss my work in the frame of the current political climate focusing on the conflict between moral relativists like myself and extreme absolutists like Ms. Cheney.”

Oh, wait. This is real! Mike Glier ’75 is actually a professor at Williams. Who’d a thunk it?

I guess that this puts the Nigaleian controversy in context. Any good moral relativist knows that, from a moral point of view, there is no nothing wrong with using a racial slur at an Art department meeting. The only people who worry abour right and wrong are those weirdo [and redundant — ed] “extreme absolutists.”

The Art Department: Where Moral Relativists Run Free. Coming straight to video.

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