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Next Steps on Anchor Housing

Where are we on anchor housing? Well, the good news for those against anchor housing is that Alex Bal ’06 and Jessica Howard ’06, recently elected co-presidents of College Council, have come out strongly against the current proposal.

Incoming CC co-presidents Alex Bal ’06 and Jessica Howard ’06 plan to use the poll results to guide CC action. “In light of the results of College Council’s cluster housing poll, we will be adamantly fighting to ensure that the CUL proposal will not be implemented in its current form,” they wrote. “There were a number of components of the CUL proposal that were popular, but all could be enacted without implementing cluster housing.”

Bal and Howard emphasized that they would work toward those elements that students raked as positives of the proposal. “What students dislike is the idea of having room draw limited to within a cluster. We will staunchly oppose this part of the proposal,” they said. “At the same time, we will seek the implementation of each popular component in a way that does not confine room draw to portions of campus.”

Good for them. Although the slate that they defeated was more identified with the Anchors Away folks, Bal and Howard promised to take student concerns seriously. It is good to see them doing so.

What happens next? Well, the Society of Alumni Executive Committee is coming to town this week-emd. The Trustees have a meeting in April, but I am unsure about its date or location. These are the groups that Bal and Howard (and those who support their efforts) need to reach out to. More on that later.

The Anchors Away folks should also use this opportunity to clean up their web site. Although we all respect the time and effort that Brian and Amarnath put into their campaign, it is time to rally round Jessica and Alex since their goals are, for most practical purposes, indistinguishable from those of Anchors Away. Better to drop the failed campaign down the memory hole while continuing to provide links to all the great materials that they have gathered. Alas, unless AA is committed to doing more work as an on-going organization — which I doubt that it is — the wise move is to not promise further updates unless those updates will be forthcoming.

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#1 Comment By Diana On April 5, 2005 @ 10:23 pm

Yeah, but WSO was down, and then it was impossible to log in, and then… there were a lot of problems. I couldn’t modify the site. But now it’s done! Check it out: Anchors Away web site