Ronit Bhattacharyya ’07 issues a cry for help.

I just wanted to let you know that the current housing system has too much choice for me to handle. I don’t know anyone who lives in my dorm, and I don’t have the initiative to organize my own social life, or make my own friends, or introduce myself to the people living down the hall from me. Every Friday and Saturday, I am forced to religiously attend large, homogenous, crowded, slimy ACE parties. Since ACE has total power to organize social events on campus, I can’t imagine an alternative to attending ACE parties.

I hope Professor Dudley can increase my satisfaction with social life here at Williams. Please fix my social life, Professor Dudley!

Heh. Again, I have no problem with social engineering. It is indeed part of Will Dudley’s job to design housing policy at Williams in such a way as to increase satisfaction, both short term and long term. Yet by failing to include any sort of evidence on how cluster housing will achieve its goals, Dudley and the CUL have left themselves wide open to this sort of mocking tone.

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