When was the last time a Trustee at Williams was called “limp wristed” by a United States Senator? Answer: Yesterday!

“I think it is time that the Skull-and-Bones Society types to stop controlling Wall Street,” said Orrin G. Hatch, the Republican Senator from Utah, and a long-time friend of Mr. Purcell. “I know Phil. He is a tough guy compared to these limp-wristed Ivy Leaguers who want to keep their clubby status. I’m mad, really mad and I will be doggone upset if the gang of eight wins and wrecks this great institution.”

Trustee Robert Scott ’68 is, of course, the leading member of the Gang of Eight. If we could replace “Skull-and-Bones” with “Gargoyle,” this would be the Eph quote of the year.

If I were clever, I would draw a brillant parallel between the battle over the future of Morgan Stanley and the battle over anchor housing at Williams. Phil Purcell == Morty Schapiro. Robert Scott == Alex Bal. Landon Thomas Jr. == Ainsley O’Connell. And so on.

Alas, I am not very clever.

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