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Although Jew-counting is not the most PC activity in the world, I was interested to see that the Jewish Association reports that there are about 250 Jewish students at Williams.

How do they know this?

The only information I have on this comes from the College (via David Brodigan), which reports that about 8% of first years last year were Jewish. Assuming that that year was not unusual, this would put the number of Jewish students closer to 160.

Who’s right?

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#1 Comment By Noah Smith-Drelich ’07 On April 16, 2005 @ 12:42 pm

The number of Jews who were identified by the college as being Jewish is around 200. There are significant numbers of Jews who don’t check that box (myself included), bringing the total number of Jews at Williams up to ~250. That specific amount is an estimated amount, and I’m sure it varies a bit year to year. If you have questions about Jews at Williams, Fran Lapidus in Admissions is probably a better person to ask than David Brodigan.