One of the goals of EphBlog is to make it easier for current students to tap the collective knowledge of Ephs of all ages. The closing of evening hours for the Health Center, last year’s cause celebre, provides such an occasion. The students interested in this topic have all sorts of questions: about medical liability, Masschusetts laws, and the like. They have questions. Do we have answers? Here is an introduction from Noah Smith-Drelich’s ’07:

My interest in medical malpractice/insurance stems from my ongoing investigation into the health center hours change. Since the change was announced last year I’ve been working on this project (this is actually how I initially got involved in this sort of stuff at Williams — I did so much independent work on the health center that I was appointed to the CC health center task force despite not being on CC . . . which in turn piqued my interest in joining CC.). This past year I’ve been a CC member of the task force. Over the course of the year I’ve worked at collecting legal opinions on the subject as one of the reasons for closure that we were told was that there were legal difficulties with keeping it open. I’ve spoken with several alumn lawyers but have had difficulty finding any knowledgable about this specific field, so I greatly appreciate your help here. I still believe that it is important for Williams to have a 24 hour health center, and while I’m not optimistic about this happening in the near future, I will try nonetheless. Feel welcome to post about this on ephblog. I’d be happy to elaborate on why I believe that having a 24 hour health center too if you’re curious.

Students interested in this topic should feel free to post specific questions about this issue in the comments. EphBlog has many lawyer and other professional Eph readers. Perhaps answers will be provided.

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