I would like to reserve the thread on health center fact finding for specific questions and, I hope, answers about the laws and other issues that did and should affect the College’s decisions on keeping the health center open 24 hours a day. But, there was some interesting discusion on binge drinking at Williams in that thread that should be discussed somewhere. Why not here? HWC wrote:

I think Williams “binge drinking” rate is right around 45%, meaning five drinks in one sitting in the two weeks previous to the survey. Getting buzzed (but, stopping short of puking or a comatose ambulance ride) once a week on Saturday night is not the problem, IMO. However, according to national trends about half of those binge drinkers do so more than once a week. It’s this 20% of the campus, boozin’ two, three nights a week that creates a sense of an alcohol haze to those around them. I’m pretty sure that the lunkheads smearing feces on the walls come from this group. This is the group of admittees you really want to target. I’m pretty sure that today’s Ephs can look around and see who they are.

Small differences really change the campus culture. For example, the difference between a surveyed 30% binge drinking rate and a 45% rate is HUGE in terms of how the campus feels. There’s still plenty of booze, plenty of parties, but non-drinkers and occasional drinkers don’t feel like they are marginalized. It doesn’t seem like the whole campus is getting plastered.

My question: Is the data about the relative amounts of drinking at Williams and elsewhere publicly available? In a different thread, HWC mentioned data from COFHE and a Harvard study. What does this data tell us?

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