The Record reports that:

A poll of CC members during the meeting showed that the vast majority felt cluster housing to be inevitable and that working with administrators would be the best strategy for Council to adopt.

“Stirring up more controversy at this point is not helping anyone,” said Michael Fairhurst ’07, Dennett-Mills representative. He said he thought the administration would be more responsive to specific concerns if conceptual opposition was kept to a minimum.

Cluster housing — whoops! The Williams House System — is not “inevitable,” although Will Dudley certainly hopes that College Council believes that it is. Now that every single member of the board of trustees has seen (because a copy was mailed to each) these objections, the debate is, as best I can tell, wide open. The Trustees and, to a lesser extent, the Administration, are looking to see how the newly elected College Council reacts. If CC kicks up a big ruckus, I think that the odds of cluster housing are only 50/50. If it doesn’t, well then cluster housing is indeed inevitable.

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