It is rare to read a feel-good article about George Steinbrenner ’52 in the New York Times.

George Steinbrenner no longer climbs on a tractor and rolls beneath the live oaks here to cut his grass. Now, he rides a golf cart and bumps along the pastures of his Kinsman Stud Farm, delivering sugar cubes to one cluster of horses after another.

Steinbrenner is a different kind of boss here. He has owned this 850-acre farm longer than he has the Yankees, and it has served as a reminder of his pastoral childhood, as the site of family gatherings and, during a few fortunate springs, a place where dreams of the Kentucky Derby take flight. This is one of those springs.

But even if Kinsman is not all about winning, father and daughter spoke last week about how nice it would be to win the Kentucky Derby.

Better than a 27th World Series title for the Yankees?

“Absolutely, in his eyes,” Jessica Steinbrenner said. “This would bring everything in his life to a perfect conclusion.”

Steinbrenner has four children, but the only other Eph Steinbrenner is Harold ’91. I am not sure if Harold is a old son or a young grandson or a nephew.

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