Here is the latest missive from Morty on the Diversity Initiative:

To the Williams Community,

After much hard work by many people, to whom we are thankful, the Diversity Initiatives Self Study and Data Tables are now available on the Initiatives Web site.

The PDF versions are complete; the Web versions are being constructed but a growing number of chapters is available. The documents report actions the College has taken over this academic year and propose many more. We next will work with our outside visitors on condensing and prioritizing this expansive list. The first two visitors will be on campus May 1-3.

M. Schapiro

Thanks, as always, to our sources. The College ought to archive and make public these sorts of e-mails. For all practical purposes, they aren’t private and, for the most part, they put the College in a good light.

If it weren’t for the endless time sink that is cluster housing — EphBlog feels your pain, Will Dudley! — we would be spending more time on this Initiative.

For now, the key question in my mind concerns the ideological diversity, or lack thereof, of these “visitors”. If every one of them is a typical diversitoid, then we have the usual echo chamber of political correctness that Williams is as likely to descend into as any other elite school. If, on the other hand, the visitors represent a broad range of outlooks on the topic of “diversity” in higher education, then this effort might do some good.

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