As a counter-balance to the Williams-centricity of Ephblog, take a look at “Survival of the Fittest: The Undergraduate Experience” in The New York Times. Author John Merrow follows five undergraduates at the University of Arizona, of which only one is actively engaged in her education; as the reporter notes, “learning seems to be optional.” Two of the story sub-headings: “If This Is Boozeday, This Must Be College” and “When No One Knows Your Name.”

Some of the sobering stats cited: at the University of Arizona, 23% of freshmen drop out; at the University of Kentucky, 22%. After 6 years, 55% of the freshmen at the University of Arizona will have graduated. The student/teacher ratio at Arizona is 19.4 to 1, 18 to 1 at Penn State, and 22 to 1 at Texas A&M. The University of Arizona basketball team’s overall graduation rate is 25 percent.

I’m glad I didn’t pay thousands of dollars to be ignored.

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