Interesting report on teachers discussing how to do their jobs better at a school that it not a feeder for Williams or places like it.

They go back and forth, Ruiz pushing, Fischer pointing to the enormity of the challenge. He tells Ruiz that when he worked in Cherry Creek schools, his students assumed they would be going to Stanford.

“We don’t have that here,” Fischer says. “Some of our kids can only see as far as this weekend.”

“I know,” Ruiz says, his voice rising, impatient. “I know.”

“So, we have to do something,” Fischer finishes.

“Who’s we?” Ruiz asks.

“Me,” Fischer says. “And I do. From day one I talk to them about college, about low-paying jobs.”

Students do succeed. He tells Ruiz about North senior Alejandro Rodriguez won a full-ride scholarship worth $42,000 a year to elite Williams College in New York after graduation.

“And to what do you attribute his success?” Ruiz asks.

“He figured it out,” Fischer says.

“So, teachers had no influence? You’re telling me teachers in this building did not help him figure it out?”

“No,” Fischer says. “We did.”

“Then find out how you did it and do it again,” Ruiz says, emphatic. “We have the concept of college. Mom may have never graduated from high school. How can we expect her to share that experience? We have to do it. In the lives of these youngsters, sometimes we are the only difference.

$42,000 seems like a high number, but perhaps it includes travel and other expenses. I wonder if Rodriquez comes to Williams on a Tyng or via Questbridge.

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