A couple of weeks ago, the Williams Record had a great article entitled, “Campus Security’s good cop.” It was about Kristi Guetti, secretary of Security, and it described her upbeat manner, her wall of postcards from students, and “the cult of Kristi.” As proof of her ability to spread good cheer, she won the Campus Life Award for Staff Service last year.

Think about it. You’re stuck in the basement of Hopkins Hall, pestered by students who’ve lost their IDs and/or are looking for more favorable parking spaces, and you’re in a good mood?

Employees like this are just one more example of what makes Williams special. I thoroughly enjoyed my interactions with Security when I was there — not that I had a lot of dealings with Security, since I was, and am, after all, an upstanding citizen. (Of course, I did get nailed for the Sawyer Sign Caper, but that’s another story — assuming that the statute of limitations has run out.) It’s nice to see that Security continues its tradition of enjoying working with students.

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