In an interesting thread on the College’s Diversity Report, Matthew T. ’06 writes:

I mean, they could not really expect Williams students to accept a study based mostly on race, could they? Race, being the arbitrary construct created hundreds of years ago.

AB ’07 chimes in with:

Oh yes. We do agree that race is an artificial construct. It’s ludicrous. At the genetic level it’s insignificant if not absent all together.

AB makes a similar point this week in the Record.

Race is a social construct. There is little or no correlation between race and genetic differences.

This is the same malarkey that Williams was serving up to its students 20 years ago. Good to see that some things haven’t changed! Matt and AB should be sure not to check out this blog, and especially not this post. (Don’t) see also here. We would not want to challenge their prejudices. Perhaps the College should consider cutting off access to these sites, and ones like them, from campus computers. Can’t expose Williams students to that viewpoint.

If you have no idea what race is — and no exposure at Williams to a real diversity of viewpoints on the topic — then you will be hard-pressed to have an intelligent opinion.

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