“The Hour,” with Nathan Friend, WCFM’s only community news program, will be exploring the past, present, and future of Community Service at Williams, tomorrow (Fri. May 6) from 4-5pm. Listen live on campus at 91.9 FM or online at wcfm.williams.edu.

Some of the issues we will discuss:
What programs have been implemented this year?
What programs have been the most successful?
How many students are involved? Why aren’t more involved?
How much success has the Community Service Office had in their attempt to change the discourse of service on campus from “volunteer work” to “civic engagement,”
How successful has the Williams Service Challenge been?

Guests for tomorrow’s show include:
Sadie Miller – Americorps Vista Volunteer, Office for Community Service
Alan Cordova, ’06 – Lehman Community Service Board Member

Feel free to join the discussion as well, on campus the extension is x2197, off campus it’s (413) 597-2197.

And please email me with any questions, comments or suggestions, my address is thehouronwcfm@yahoo.com

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