Although shutting down St. Anthony’s Hall was always too much of a bother for the Administration to spend much effort on, it looks like no expense will be spared in the hunt for the latest Eph miscreant.

To the Williams Community,

We write to tell you that an awful incident has been described to us. Two Latino students report that as they were conversing outdoors in the early hours of this morning, a drunken student, apparently Caucasian, yelled to one of them a vulgarity and addressed him as “nigger,” approached them and stared in a hostile manner, made fun of the Spanish they then began to speak, and ran away.

Such hateful behavior lies well outside the boundaries of this community’s standards. The College has begun a full investigation and the student in question, if identified, will be subject to College discipline.

The anger that we all experience when such a hurtful incident occurs is matched by the concern we feel for those directly targeted and for the many other students, faculty, and staff who understandably feel vicariously threatened.

The College needs the campus community’s help in identifying the student in question and in continuing to work toward making this a place where individuals are never targeted because of who they are.

Considerable energy has been focused this academic year on the Diversity Initiatives that were launched in acknowledgment of the struggles that members of historically underrepresented groups still too often experience at Williams. Through those efforts and others, none of us can rest until such behavior becomes a thing of the past.


M. Schapiro
President of the College

N. Roseman
Dean of the College

Leaving aside the appropriate punishment, if any, for this jerk, shouldn’t identifying him be relatively easy? There are only so many students at Williams. Trinidad, after all, claimed to know that the perp was a Williams student, meaning, presumably, that he had seen him before. If Trinidad, a senior and his (upperclassman?) friend, do not know the student by name, than it seems likely that he is a first year. If the College really wants to find him, then we need an exact time for the incident along with a more detailed description: height, weight, hair color, clothing, et cetera.

But does the College really want to find him? Note that Schapiro and Roseman are careful to describe the event as something that was “told” to them, not something that definately happened. Perhaps they recall the famous hate crime hoax of 15 years ago . . .

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