Thanks to a recent comment, I have now discovered MiddBlog, the EphBlog equivalent [You mean “wanna-be.” — ed. Play nice with the other LACs!] of Middlebury. Good stuff. However, one commenter there claims that:

what really kills us in the USNWR ranking is our ALUMNI GIVING RATE! we are way down the list, which brings up an interesting question. williams and amherst allow their regional alumni groups to give third party gifts for those alumni that do not give on their own; should middlebury allow the same practice? more appropriately, should USNWR really use that figure as a metric for alumni satisfaction with their alma mater? my thought on both questions in a resounding no.

True? I did not think that regional alumni groups, like the Boston society that I am a member of, engage in such shenanigans. If they do, why wouldn’t the giving rate be more like 90% instead of the current 62%? I think that this claim is false.

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