On the same day that Williams announced that Lisa Corrin had been appointed the new Director of the Williams College Museum of Art, it also announced that Helen Ouellette, Vice President for Administration and Treasurer, had resigned. (Interestingly, although Ouellette’s resignation announcement was the more recent of the two, at least based on the Web site numbering scheme, Corrin’s appointment is getting higher billing on the college home page.)

Any insight into how unexpected Ouellette’s resignation was? Given the long search cycle of colleges, I would think more notice would be given. In U.S. business, of course, a six-week notice would be considered extremely generous.

My impression is that the administration/Provost side of Williams has been strong for a long time — the college typically keeps costs under control and is good at predicting future trends, skills not all colleges have. This feeling may be bolstered by the fact that Steve Lewis, Provost at Williams during the 70s, went on to a highly successful Presidency at Carleton.

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