The Seattle Times reports that Lisa Corrin, the Seattle Art Museum‘s Deputy Director of Art, has been appointed the new Director of the Williams College Museum of Art. [The Williams announcement, sent out 15 hours later, is here.]

Via Googling, it appears that she was previously Chief Curator of the Serpentine Gallery, in Kensington Gardens, London, England. From 1989 to 1997, she was Chief Curator of the Contemporary Museum in Baltimore. In a 1999 ArtForum interview, Currin comments,

I’ve always been uncomfortable with the term [‘curator’]. It comes from the Latin word curate, which means to be a shepherd over the souls of others. I would like to think of myself more as a producer or facilitator, more a medium through which ideas can come. And as a team leader in some cases.

The Seattle Times article states,

Corrin says for someone climbing the ladder of museum administration, Williams College is an irresistible choice. It’s been a proving ground for stars such as Michael Goven of the Dia Foundation, Thomas Krens of the Guggenheim and the late Kurt Varnedoe of MoMA.

‘Most people would say it’s a plum job,’ Corrin said. ‘If it had been for anything less, there is no way I would have left Seattle.’

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