We’re in the middle of senior economics theses presentations. Congrats to all those who presented yesterday and good luck to those today. I recall like it was yesterday pacing the hill by East, running through my schpiel before marching over to Griffin 17 years ago. Looking at the schedule, it looks like Kate Ambler ’05 has my time slot. I wish her well.


1) Where is the page of actual theses like the one from 2004? Professor Stephen Sheppard did a great job of this last year. Is he not in charge this year? Who is? As always, the more that the work of Williams students is made available to a wider audience, the better off all concerned.

2) Will this set of senior theses eventually be posted on-line? This is an annual EphBlog hobby-horse. College Librarian David Pilachowski has been working on this topic. With luck, we will soon see many of these theses available far and wide.

3) Note that there are 15 thesis students. This is definately more than there were in the 1980’s. Kudos to the economics department for attracting and motivating so many fine students.

4) The thesis most of interest to the readers of EphBlog is clearly “Low-Income Students and College Admissions: A Case Study of Williams College,” by Lindsey Taylor ’05. Not only would we like to read this, but we would love to read the comments made by Morty Schapiro and Gordon Winston. Indeed, in an ideal world, those comments would also be made public and attached as part of the permanent record of Taylor’s thesis. In fact, there will probably come a day when a podcast or even video of the actual presentation is included.

UPDATE: Corrected Ambler’s class year.

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