After Winter Study’s wildly successful experiment in creating a Cross Generational Community of Learning, we at EphBlog have been inundated with requests for a summer session. Well, perhaps “inundated” isn’t exactly the right word, but if we build it, they will come.

So, next week, EphBlog will be running CGCL: Summer Session. This will be a much abbreviated version with discussion focussing on one, perhaps two, articles. The main article — thanks to Whitney Wilson ’90 for the pointer — will be “No Merit in these Scholarships,” an opinion piece in the Washington Post by Fay Vincent ’60. (We might also discuss the recent cover story in the Alumni Review by Professor Gordon Winston which, alas, does not seem to be on-line yet.)

Mr. Vincent has kindly agreed to participate in our “class”.

What do we need? Well, as last time, we need a couple of volunteers to serve as discussants. You would need to read Vincent’s article and provide some commentary on it. Discussion would then ensue. Please let me know if you would like to volunteer.

UPDATE: Review editor Amy Lovett was kind enough to provide a copy of Winston’s article. Many thanks. So, we will be using both this article and the Vincent one for our seminar.

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