Ken Marcus ’88 gets a brief mention in an article about down-sizing at the US Office for Civil Rights.

The Denver and Kansas City offices are being closed to help make up for a shortfall of more than $135,000, said Kenneth L. Marcus, the agency’s staff director. Marcus also recommended releasing a total of four staff members from the four remaining field offices, in Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta and the District, a proposal he withdrew after objections from Capitol Hill.

As always, one of the reasons that student groups at Williams like the Finance Committee of College Council are valuable is that they give students real experience with budgets, priorities, politics and the like. A smart guy like Ken probably only wanted to close down the 4 offices, but also recommended the dismissals so that he could have something to back down on when the complaints came in.

The earlier in life that Ephs learn how to maneuver in these situations, the better off they are.

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