Regular readers of EphPlanet have noticed that DeWitt Clinton ’97 is working on a very interesting project in his spare time.

What is the new project? Well, the best way to understand is to read the series of posts that are chronicling its development. But in short, it is a new type of wiki. Or more precisely, it is a new type of wiki service —- a service that provides the functionality that a wiki requires —- and at least one client front-end on top of that service. But really, it is an experiement in transparent application development, something that goes beyond just opening the source code —- it is opening up the whole development process and the thinking that goes into building software. Well, there’s more to it than that, but lets just wait and see what comes next . . .

There is no better way of getting a handle on technological change than to watch a skilled technologist at work, other than to dive into the technology itself. DeWitt, having already chosen Subversion and Perl, clearly knows his technology.

Those who don’t know Subversion from CVS may still want to pay attention to what DeWitt is trying to create. Although the works of Eric Raymond remain the canonical descriptions of open source and decentralized development, it will be interesting to watch such an effort in real time.

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