I just cast my vote for the candidates for Alumni Trustee and Tyng Administrator. The problem is that I should not have been able to do so. The electronic voting was supposed to have ended last month, otherwise it is hard (impossible?) for the alumni office to know whether or not I also voted by mail.

Since there is no on-line betting market for these elections, it is hard to know who the favorites are. I am hoping that Chris Gootkind ’81 does not win since he didn’t return an e-mail that I sent him. I am hoping that Lisa Mandl ’88 does win since a) she is a friend and b) she did such a fine job JAing for my brother’s entry many years ago. The Kane family owes her forevermore.

For the record the candidates are:

Trustee Candidates
Christopher L. Gootkind ’81
CÚsar J. Alvarez ’84
Valda Clark Christian ’92

Tyng Candidates
Leslie Scott Pratch ’84
Lisa A. Mandl ’88
Anamaria A. Villamarin-Lupin ’95

Who do you think will win?

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