Yawn … Williams won yet another Sears Cup:


Congrats to the student-athletes who made it happen. Publicity like this certainly doesn’t hurt the school. And to the critics of the Williams athletic program, I note that nearly all the points scored by athletic teams were by teams generally associated with high academic achievement: cross country, swimming, tennis, crew, track and field, etc. While Williams may have come back to the pack somewhat in recent years in the sports generally associated with stretching for athletic recruits (football, ice hockey, etc.), it is still able to establish overall excellence in the arenas where tips are less of a factor.

Although, it’s only a matter of time before Middlebury passes Williams in the Sears Cup given how many truly dominant programs Middlebury now has (Midd’s men’s and women’s ice hockey, men’s and women’s lacrosse, men’s and women’s tennis, women’s field hockey, and women’s cross country are all among the top 2 programs in the country). I imagine that Middlebury’s SAT-optional policy doesn’t exactly hurt its coaches ability to recruit …

I’d say that Williams has a pretty good balance right now. The school is not taking in Division I refugees like Trinity (just check it’s football and basketball rosters over the last five years, not to mention the concessions it clearly makes for Squash) and can’t mask sub-par athletes with SAT optional policies like Bates, Bowdoin or Middlebury, but at the same time, the school’s reputation for excellence seems to attract a ton of dual academic/athletic achievers.

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